Felsh Art is a global online art gallery meant for art buyers that are looking to get something unique yet affordable. Jojanneke van Ginneken, a Dutch artist online aims to make her art accessible worldwide and easy and fun to purchase.  An avid painter, she likes to explore subjects and themes in a special way for bringing to life the ethos of her subjects which have been very diverse. She believes in exploring new ideas and form as for her art is the means of expression. She believes in Life and says as we experience fragmentation of feelings and thoughts, so creating art bring things back together. And, this is true in her own work. Bringing her visions to life through art is incredibly powerful for her and this is something that keeps her going. Interestingly, the work she does is like a catalogue of the thoughts and events of her life.

The definition of art that she has come up with, and which actually works the best for her is that “anything one calls art is art”. There is nothing intrinsic about art, you cannot do an analysis to determine if something is a piece of art or not. Calling something “Art” is a way of indicating cultural, aesthetic or monetary value to it. And, that is what Jojanneke van Ginneken loves to do the most.